Ambassador Kåre R. Aas


My name is Kåre R. Aas and I currently serve as Norway’s ambassador to the United States.

I’m an avid runner (try to run in at least 2 charity races a year) and I enjoy reading and cooking. I just recently took a SCUBA diving class and got certified (never thought I’d find myself 60 ft down in the ocean!)

I’ve worked for 30 + years in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a job that I really enjoy. I’ve lived in 7 countries around the world including Afghanistan and Chile. Now I live in the U.S. (since September 2013) and – fun fact – I’ve also moved three times since moving here, but all within a 10 mile radius! If you want to know more about my professional resume click here

When I arrived in DC I decided to set up my own Twitter (check it out: @KareRAas). I was a little skeptical at first, but now after having seen how effective social media is as a tool to disseminate information on a mass scale, I must say I rather like it!

And on that note, here’s why I decided to start this blog:

For a long while now I’ve been thinking about writing a blog. Like I said earlier, I do use Twitter (almost daily). Sometimes, however, 140 characters is just not enough space.  When I read in the newspapers or on social media about events around the world that inspire me – or in some cases upset me – I want to share my personal views and experiences.

You might be wondering, what’s with the title? Well, my hope with this blog is to share with you the reader a “behind the scenes”, if you will, look at diplomacy in action.

If you’re interested in knowing a little more about the “why” we do the things we do in diplomacy then this might be just the read for you!

So with that said, these views and posts are my own. Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts, as I hope to use this medium as a nice way to interact with my readers.

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