THE OBS Tutorial Serie Audio Devices & Filters 2019

And get rid of it on my stream when I can noise suppression is going to help you remove some background noise as well these settings it’s hard to tell you exactly what numbers to punch in it’s going to be specific to your setup and how loud your mic is and how much background noise you have so I can’t really give you exact numbers these numbers work for me in my current environment and I adjust them all the time this is when you would really want to monitor your mic and do a couple of tests just to make sure your audio sounds good compressor tvmelayu

If you don’t know what a compressor is basically it lowers the range between the loud noise and the soft noise to try and level the volume out a little bit basically so it tries to keep loud noises from being too loud and quiet noises from being too quiet it’s another thing that’s going to require a whole bunch this is gonna be the hardest one to set up honestly a whole bunch of testing various things make loud noises speak quietly see if it picks up so just briefly I would like to talk about audio hardware i’ll tell you what I have because I’m sure

If somebody’s gonna ask we have the road procaster microphone a physical mixer here it’s the X 162 USB mixer i’ve got a compressor as well I’m not using a preamp but I do have a preamp too and the price for all of that stuff is gonna run between four hundred six hundred dollars maybe more it depends of what you get I got a discount on mine but that’s about what it cost me it’s pretty expensive stuff compared to a USB mic that’s ready to go like the blue Yeti which I do have and I would like to listen to so we can compare i’ve recommended this mic in the past despite the flack it’s gotten I think it does the job for what it costs it’s like 80 to 100 dollars