The Basics of Church Live Streaming 2019

And a stream name here’s an example Facebook stream with the rtmp information just plug in this information into your streaming software and hit go you are now streaming live to Facebook if you are using a CDN you’re now streaming live to your website assuming you copy and paste the code they sent you to embed it into your website now I wanted to give a quick plug for my company called the cloud media group we are a provider / CDN for live streaming video if you’re interested in going with the CDN servus shoot us an email Tv3 Malaysia

And we would love to serve your church our CDN is worldwide and our prices are competitive so there you have it the beginner’s guide to live streaming you may have a bunch of questions it might be totally confused that’s alright I’m here to help you may be the only media volunteer and have almost zero knowledge in live streaming I’ll have a lot of links in the description below to point you in the right direction for equipment

And setup I’ll also answer any questions that you have if you leave them in the comment section below I’ll also link in the description some reference systems to build so you know all the exact parts to buy to put together your streaming PC thanks so much for watching if you like this video go ahead and hit that like button down there and hit subscribe we’ll see you next time and until then happy